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Bar, beer, entertainment disco, lady boys show cabaret pubs and live music outdoors at the famous Walking Street is known. Sources,
including restaurants. Room for both local and international seafood fresh from the sea or a romantic atmosphere. Equipped with the product out.
Quality products at affordable prices in Pattaya city. Source of entertainment to more than 25 years,
do not forget to stroll walking the streets for walking pleasure. Sunset views.
We do not think that we will go anywhere ... certainly. We would like to know more to see the night life Pattaya.
Near midnight ... we (my friends) to insert the Western tourists who chat groups face a beer bar, a cocoa Neighborhood district travel and restaurant.
Two beautiful she ran out to welcome Before I push the door into the internal.
First of all I was here ... (not a heart rhythm), the lights dimmed .
other international music lightly. Soft padded sofa. One corner of the bar. I walked in to sit with friends.
Before the eyes to explore the general strike nose bar smell perfume My sister came in greeting a long-familiar (and I never have.)
Hello people I sit with that? Beautiful girl with long hair in front of greeting ... I do not speak out.
But it quickly invite (I asked someone to sit with this offline.
View friends have noticed more young people to sit and talk. View Friends embarrassed himself no different from me.
Western music, rhythms and more frequent urgent.
People (notice, but foreigners) came in with a young woman body pairs. Giggle Happily. Watch them do not care about those around it.
We sat around the stage around. Opened up slowly enough to see clearly enough in the next life.
View sample vdo Tour walking street pataya.

Maps the walking streets pattaya Hotel

Pattaya Countdown - Music Motor Car Audio Show with Coyote Dancers and DJ

Refresh and stimulate the city continue to travel. After the overwhelming success of Pattaya Countdown 2011 with a week ago and more than 400,000 people attended the festival, a celebration of New Year's Eve New Year's greatness. And the longest in Thailand and Asia. By celebrating guests 7 days 7 night work begins from Sunday, December 25 - Saturday, December 31, 2554, in cooperation with the city,.


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